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The Mercyside 100: 2016 Edition

The Mercyside 100: 2016 Edition

Happy New Year people. For the last four years I've been calculating all my play counts on my personal media player, to see what songs I listen to the most. And then at the start of the next year I reveal what the 100 most listened to songs were that year. Last year I revealed The Mercyside 100 2015, the year before I did The Mercyside 100 2014 and of course the year before I did The Mercyside 100 2013 which was the first one. Click on those if you're interested in what I played most on those years.

This year I did The Mercyside 100 2016. Like last year the reason why I'm not doing this in radio show format is because there's a lot of entries in this list by a certain band called Slaves. Slaves are by far my favourite band at the moment and unfortunately, Mixcloud won't allow you to play more than three songs by one artist in the same show. And that means it's difficult, because, well, they appear a lot. Even more than last year even. Which is crazy!

I was going to make this into a playlist on YouTube but I can't do that either, because certain songs are not on YouTube which is frustrating.

So, in reverse order, here are is The Mercyside 100 2016! These are 100 songs I played more than anything else last year.


So, what was the most played song of the year for me? Here it is...

#1: Beauty Quest - Slaves ("Sugar Coated Bitter Truth", 2012)
So there we go! I hope you find some interesting entries in here, and if so, check them out on Youtube if you can, most of the songs are easily available on there. And if you don't like the band Slaves then this list clearly isn't for you! If there's something on this list you've not heard before and you end up really liking, let me know, comment below! I'd be happy to have gotten you into a song or an artist you've not heard before!

"Yellow text"
If you don't listen to The Mercy Side, my radio shows which you can find on Mixcloud, then you may not know that I reveal every month what was my "Song of the Month". Basically, those tracks where played more than any other track, on a particular month of 2016. Here's the list in order, with Youtube links attached:

January 2016: Live Like an Animal - Slaves
February 2016: Well Everybody's Fucking in a UFO - Rob Zombie
March 2016: Control (feat. Slaves) - Chase and Status
April 2016: The Sound of Silence - Disturbed
May 2016: OK - Slaves
June 2016: Leave it All Behind - Cult to Follow
July 2016: Miss Alissa - Eagles of Death Metal
August 2016: Spit it Out - Slaves
September 2016: People That You Meet - Slaves
October 2016: War Time - King 810
November 2016: Dig - Mudvayne
December 2016: NSFW - Psychostick

"Beauty Quest", my most played song of 2016 has never been Song of the Month. It's the first time a song has gotten to #1 without being Song of the Month since 2013, when "Rock and Roll (in a Black Hole) by Rob Zombie did it.

Multiple Artist Entries

Here's a list of artists with more than one entry in The Mercyside 100 2016:

24 Entries - Slaves

14 Entries - King 810
5 Entries - Saul Williams
4 Entries - The Fratellis, Nine Inch Nails
2 Entries - Arctic Monkeys, Eagles of Death Metal, Fear Factory, Foo Fighters, Leo Moracchioli

Multiple Album Entries

Here's a list of albums with more than one entry in The Mercyside 100 2015:

10 Entries - "Are You Satisfied?" by Slaves
8 Entries - "Memoirs of a Murderer" by King 810; "Take Control" by Slaves
5 Entries - "La Petite Mort or a Conversation With God" by King 810
4 Entries - "MartyrLoserKing" by Saul Williams
3 Entries - "Sugar Coated Bitter Truth" by Slaves
2 Entries - "AM" by Arctic Monkeys; "Costello Music" by The Fratellis

Here's some charts showing you how often songs appeared by the year, or decade...

Also, if you're interested, 53 songs on this list were not singles, which means that 47 of them were!

79% of songs on this list were from the last 6 years, down 1% from last year's statistic of 80% of songs being from the last 5 years.

Again I need to give a proper shoutout to King 810. Both King 810 and Slaves have been bands I haven't stopped listening to over the past two years. Both bands got played a heck of a lot in 2015, but both bands practically doubled their tallies this year. One reason is because they're brilliant bands but the second reason in fairness is because they've both released a new album last year. Both albums are very good. Clearly the message I'm giving you is listen to Slaves and listen to King 810, dammit!!

Well that's it from me at the moment, I'll be back at some point I'm sure with another website project! All the best and thanks for reading!

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