Thursday, June 07, 2018

My Top 50 Favourite Playstation 1 Games: #37

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#37 - Tekken 2
Released: 1996
Genre: Fighting
Rating: ***3/4 stars
Best Moment: I always thought Devil was so badass back when this game came out.
I mentioned in the entry for the first Tekken game (which got to #44, read more about it here) that, as someone who played the third Tekken first, that going back to Tekken 1 and Tekken 2 was a major downgrade. I completely stand by that point obviously, but what I didn't actually mention was that despite that, I actually did see Tekken 2 before Tekken 3. Before I got a PS1 I did see a friend play Tekken 2. I can't even remember what friend it was and when, all I remember is that it was at someone's house who I didn't visit often, in fact, I may have been passing in seeing them - a friend of a friend so to speak. But I vividly remember seeing Devil and thinking holy cow, this fighter looks amazing. I didn't even know the game as Tekken 2, only that it was a fighting game with a purple Devil in it that looked so damn cool. Then, I played Tekken 3, fell in love with it and played Tekken 2 a few years later and thought the game had dated quite badly in that time.

As I stated in the Tekken 1 entry, this game, simply pales in comparison to Tekken 3 in every way. It's not even that big a jump from Tekken 1, as a fighting game anyway. The visuals looked better and the new characters were a huge improvement, but beyond that the fighting game still lacked fluidity and good movesets that were to come with Tekken 3. It was certainly a work in progress, in my opinion. But, I think people who played Tekken 2 properly first will certainly disagree with me - I know a good few people think that Tekken 2 is the best one, and if you're one of those people then I'd imagine you're frustrated that it's so low on this list, so I'm sorry if so!

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