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WWE World Champion Knockout Game - Round 1

Hey there, welcome to my project! I did quite a lot of knockout games on the official Liverpool FC forums back in 2009 and 2010 and while the principle is the same, I've arranged this particular game differently.

I did a competition asking "Who is the Best" back in November 2009 on the LFC forums and the winner was Shawn Michaels. you can see that thread here. But that's not the same as this competition. For starters, that included WWE, World, ECW, WCW and TNA and AWA champions. This is only including the WWE and World Champions, while including the WWE versions of the ECW and WCW titles (which both had very few champions). So no TNA, no old WCW, old ECW or AWA champions.

Also this game is concentrating more on champions, rather than the wrestler or your favourites. As much as some of you may hate it, there's a reason why John Cena has won the title 12 times. And as good as Evan Bourne is, he probably overall, won't make as good a World Champion as Cena does, when you think about all the things that makes a good champion.

So what does make a good champion? A combination of things, and you can take away or add to these if you wish. To me, a good champion has to get a strong reaction from the crowd, has to earn the company money, has to be a good wrestler and has to be great on the microphone. There are more things that can be included, by all means include them if you value those things.

What's also different this time round is that it's not random. I've bracketed the competition so that the "strongest" goes against the "weakest" candidates, and slowly the favourites will eliminate the rest of the competition. How did I bracket it this way? Simple, in the total tally of titles. I had 57 champions, so to make a total of 64 I added the 7 wrestlers who last won the Intercontinental or United States title. The bracket in its entirety is in the image below, you'll need to click on it to see it properly.

If you look at that picture above you'll see who is pairing off against who, the bracket number they have and the total amount of titles they have won. Of course, this isn't always the best way of pairing off people, for instance Ric Flair actually only won 2 titles in the WWE, the same number as Vince McMahon of all people, so he's very low on the list. If you don't like how the competition has been decided don't blame me! Blame the WWE for favouring these people this way! Another example is Daniel Bryan won the US title yet hasn't won the big one yet so he's going against one of the elite title winners. But it's up to you to change that! If you genuinely think that Daniel Bryan or R-Truth or Ezekiel Jackson is as good a candidate for potentially being one of the best ever world champions then vote for them!

But the biggest change in this project is that I'm extending this competition to loads of things. I've included it on two different forums I'm a member of. They're getting involved. I also have this going on my Facebook and Twitter, so if everyone gets involved I could have loads and loads of votes. Also, you can get your friends involved! You can get other forums involved! Share this webpage to your forums or friends, and they can vote and comment! They can also comment on my Facebook page and my Twitter, as long as I get their vote it counts! The bigger this thing becomes the better it will be! So please help me with this! If it works it'd be pretty amazing!

To vote, comment below, or on my Facebook page, my Twitter, or email me.

Finally before I put the first round up, here are the bracket rules. These rounds will be going on for a week at a time. So that means that Round 2 will be posted on Friday 23rd December.

Bracket Rules
In Round 1, the person in each bracket that is ranked 1 goes against ranked 8, 2 against 7, 3 against 6 and 4 against 5.

In Round 2, the winner of 1vs8 goes against 4vs5, while 2vs7 goes against 3vs6.

In Round 3, the two remaining wrestlers in each bracket face each other.

In Round 4, the quarter finals, the 1st bracket winner (The Pedigree Bracket) takes on the 8th bracket winner (The Stone Cold Stunner Bracket). The 2nd bracket winner goes against the 7th bracket winner, 3rd against 6th, and 4th against 5th.

In Round 5, the semi finals, the winner of 1vs8 goes against 4vs5, while 2vs7 goes against 3vs6.

In Round 6, the final, the two remaining wrestlers go against each other.

If there is ever a tiebreaker, the seeded number (in blue font) will be the decider, with the higher ranked seed (1 being best, 8 being worst) will automatically go through.

If you're unsure of the rules, comment below or email me!


Now that mumbo jumbo is out of the way, here's the first Round! Round 2 will be posted on Friday 23rd December.

Round 1

*Voting Closed*

The Pedigree Bracket
(1) Triple H vs (8) Montel Vontavious Porter 
(4) Vince McMahon vs (5) Jack Swagger 
(2) Christian vs (7) John "Bradshaw" Layfield 
(3) Mankind vs (6) Chris Benoit 

The Sweet Chin Music Bracket

(1) John Cena vs (8) Drew McIntyre 
(4) Rob Van Dam vs (5) Mark Henry 
(2) Shawn Michaels vs (7) The Great Khali 
(3) Brock Lesnar vs (6) Eddie Guerrero 

The Jackhammer Bracket

(1) Edge vs (8) R-Truth 
(4) Alberto Del Rio vs (5) Bobby Lashley 
(2) Bob Backlund vs (7) The Miz 
(3) Jeff Hardy vs (6) Goldberg 

The Brogue Kick Bracket

(1) The Rock vs (8) Daniel Bryan 
(4) Sheamus vs (5) Buddy Rodgers 
(2) Bret Hart vs (7) Dolph Ziggler 
(3) Rey Mysterio vs (6) Diesel 

The Chokeslam Bracket

(1) Randy Orton vs (8) Wade Barrett 
(4) Booker T vs (5) Ivan Koloff 
(2) CM Punk vs (7) Ezekiel Jackson 
(3) Big Show vs (6) Sgt. Slaughter 

The Tombstone Piledriver Bracket

(1) The Undertaker vs (8) Kofi Kingston 
(4) Sycho Sid vs (5) Pedro Morales 
(2) Batista vs (7) Tommy Dreamer 
(3) Kane vs (6) The Ultimate Warrior 

The Codebreaker Bracket

(1) Hulk Hogan vs (8) Cody Rhodes
(4) Yokozuna vs (5) The Iron Shiek 
(2) Chris Jericho vs (7) Matt Hardy 
(3) Bruno Sammartino (6) Andre the Giant 

The Stone Cold Stunner Bracket

(1) Stone Cold Steve Austin vs (8) John Morrison 
(4) Ric Flair vs (5) Stan Stasiak 
(2) Kurt Angle vs (7) Chavo Guerrero 
(3) Randy Savage vs (6) Billy Graham

*Voting Closed*

To summarise, to vote, you can list your preferred champions or potential champions in the polls above. But I can also accept votes elsewhere, you can vote on my Facebook, my Twitter or via email. Votes will be tallied and Round 2 will be posted on Friday 23rd December. Happy voting!

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  1. Triple H
    Jack Swagger

    John Cena
    Shawn Michaels
    Eddie Guerrero

    Bobby Lashley
    The Miz
    Jeff Hardy

    The Rock
    Bret Hart
    Rey Mysterio

    Randy Orton
    Booker T
    CM Punk
    Big Show

    The Undertaker
    Sycho Sid

    Hulk Hogan
    The Iron Shiek
    Chris Jericho
    Andre The Giant

    Stone Cold Steve Austin
    Ric Flair
    Kurt Angle
    Billy Graham