Saturday, May 26, 2018

My Top 50 Favourite Playstation 1 Games: #48

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#48 - Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling 2

Released: 2000
Genre: Sports
Rating: ***1/2 stars
Best Moment: Creating your own pro bowler probably!
Mock me all you want for this awful looking bowling game being in my Top 50 PS1 games list but this game holds a strong sentimental value for me. It was my grandad's favourite game, and he passed away a few years after getting it. Not funny now is it??

It's actually a very good bowling game. If you don't like bowling then move on from this entry into my listing. But I do like a bit of bowling, even if I suck at it in real life, and in terms of bowling video games, this is probably one of the best ones ever made. The physics engine is pretty much spot on, so in that respect it's a top game. The graphics, yep, they're incredibly bad it's laughable. But hey, at least you can create your own bowler right??

I actually really enjoyed this game, it was fun playing it with my grandad, and it made him very happy. He didn't really like video games much, but at the time he had a lot of grandkids (myself included) that enjoyed playing video games, so decided to get a PSOne in his kitchen to play some games with us. I ended up buying this game myself I enjoyed it that much, although I have no idea where my copy is now.

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