Sunday, May 19, 2019

Mixtape: Best of Non-Single Rammstein

Hi everyone, and welcome to another one of my Mixtapes. If you're not sure what a Mixtape is, here's an explanation...

A Mixtape is a playlist of a certain genre, band or era. The list is generally 80 minutes long, the same length of a blank CD, with further recommendations if some of the songs aren't to your taste. Remember kids, downloading is wrong! 

As the world has moved on from CDs and we're in a digital age now, I also make the playlist on Spotify and YouTube where possible. In this case, I can only do the Mixtape on Spotify because Rammstein are very protective over their copyrighting on YouTube.

So, just in case you're wondering, this is a list of what I think are Rammstein's best songs - that have never been singles. I'm surprised that some of these songs aren't singles, especially as they are regularly played live or even have music videos in some cases. And yes - this list does include their new album released only two days ago. And again, yes - you REALLY should listen to that new album. It's tremendous.

Without any further delay, here's the Best of Non-Single Rammstein! Next to the tracks are what album each song came out on. Where possible, I've also linked each track on YouTube.
  1. Wollt Ihr Das Bett In Flammen Sehen (Herzeleid)
  2. Zwitter (Mutter)
  3. Reise, Reise (Reise, Reise)
  4. Buck dich (Sehnsucht)
  5. Zerstoren (Rosenrot)
  6. Waidmanns Heil (Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da)
  7. Zeit Dich (Rammstein)
  8. Sehnsucht (Sehnsucht)
  9. Heirate Mich (Herzeleid)
  10. Rein Raus (Mutter)
  11. Sex (Rammstein)
  12. Eifersucht (Sehnsucht)
  13. Te Quiero Puta! (Rosenrot)
  14. Spieluhr (Mutter)
  15. B******** (Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da)
  16. Los (Reise, Reise)
  17. Puppe (Rammstein)
  18. Rammstein (Herzeleid)
Some of these not to your taste? Here's five alternatives...
  1. Weisses Fleisch (Herzeleid)
  2. Dalai Lama (Reise, Reise)
  3. Rammlied (Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da)
  4. Spring (Rosenrot)
  5. Adios (Mutter)
To listen to the playlist on Spotify click here!

In case you're interested, I've done a few of these Mixtapes over the years, if you like the following artists, perhaps give them a listen by clicking the links below!

Well I hope you enjoyed this list. I'll be back spontaneously I'm sure with someone else in a few months time! Until next time, take care!

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