Saturday, October 09, 2010

My Top 50 Final Fantasy Characters (Part 2)

Please note: This list will talk about spoilers. If you have not played the game that each character represents I'd avoid that entry.

#45: Golbez

Full Name (to knowledge): Theodor (changed his name to Golbez)
Game: Final Fantasy IV
Role in Game: Antihero
Best Quote: "Ignorant dotard. Have you any idea with whom you are dealing?"
Final Fantasy IV really was beginning of the antihero character that has been semi popular in the series. For three quarters of this game Golbez is the main villain, and he's absolutely terrifying, in a fricking cool way. When Zemus finally lets go of his control on Golbez, all he can do is feel bad for what he put the characters through, and the world. He is expanded in other FF4 related games, but we're speaking about this game on its own, and even on its own, Golbez is a brilliantly created character and deserves his place on this list.

#44: Galuf

Full Name (to knowledge): Galuf Halm Baldesion
Game: Final Fantasy V
Role in Game: Major Protagonist
Best Quote: "Galuf: Whose idea was it to steal that pirate ship, anyway? Bartz: Yours, you old coot!" 

Galuf's character in Final Fantasy V stands out very well due to two reasons, his sense of humour, and his nobility. In the start of the game he is very funny, and provides some comedy moments particularly due to his amnesia. Later on, he takes on Exdeath and narrowly fails, and dies a noble death. He is the first major death in FF history for me, and they couldn't have chosen a more cooler character to kill off. Galuf's a great character, and deserves a place in this list.

Note: Galuf is the first and only character from Final Fantasy V in this list.

#43: Garland

Full Name (to knowledge): Garland
Game: Final Fantasy IX
Role in Game: Major Antagonist
Best Quote: "To live is to give life meaning, yet one must take others' lives to survive... Terra's souls will sleep until they forget such nonsense."

Yes, both Final Fantasy Garlands make my list, with FF9's taking a higher place in the list. Garland in FF9 is an intriguing character because of the fact that he, is actually a villain, but doesn't approve of Kuja's plans. He created Zidane and Kuja to be his "Angels of Death" and cause havok in the game. His many quotes in the game are great and it was hard choosing one, he really does question life and living, and in someways it does make the player think about life in a different way. He deserves a mention in this list and he is a very good villain and is pretty badass as well.

#42: Kain

Full Name (to knowledge): Kain Highwind
Game: Final Fantasy IV
Role in Game: Antihero
Best Quote: "Confident bastard, aren't you?"
I'm sure all the FF4 fans out there disagree with Kain's placement in this list. Kain is a complete badass don't get me wrong, but FF4 is a game that I don't consider as high in regard as some of the later games. But Kain is really cool, he's just a great character, playing in between the lines of good and evil throughout the game. You truly understand some of his motives because Cecil "has the girl" and the darkness in his heart makes him an easy target for Zemus to take him under his wing. Also, Kain's image is so memorable, he's in the main logo above, and there's a rendition of this in every port and remake done. Despite this game being so old, Kain is still seen in high regard and more than deserves a mention in this list.

#41: Barret

Full Name (to knowledge): Barret Wallace
Game: Final Fantasy VII
Role in Game: Major Protagonist
Best Quote: "Don't need no appointment... This is a 'mergency! Anyone who don't wanna get their face bashed in better git outta the way!! "

Who can't love Barret? Barret swears like a trooper and we love him for it. He may be inspired by Mr T but you know what? I prefer him to Mr T. Barret kicks ass and looks cool too with his gunarm, and even though he doesn't have the biggest brain in the world, he really fucking cares. He wants to make a different to the world of FF7 and uses what he knows best, brute force, to help the cause.

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  1. ima let you finish.... cyan should be higher on the list!!

  2. plus, the emperor is bad ass in dissidia :)