Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Top 50 Final Fantasy Characters (Part 6)

Right we are half way down the list now, I hope you’ve enjoyed it so far. Naturally, the second half of the list you will be seeing characters you are more familiar with, and I hope maybe you can make some guesses to who will be in this half, and who will be in the top 10.
Just to recap, here is the list so far:

#50 – Garland (I)
#49 – Doctor Tot (IX)
#48 – Xande (III)
#47 – Cyan (VI)
#46 – The Emperor (II)
#45 – Golbez (IV)
#44 – Galuf (V)
#43 – Garland (IX)
#42 – Kain (IV)
#41 – Barret (VII)
#40 – Leo (VI)
#39 – Gilgamesh (IX)
#38 – Reno (VII)
#37 – The Nero Brothers (IX)
#36 – Seifer (VIII)
#35 – Kimahri (X)
#34 – Ba’Gamnan (XII)
#33 – Vincent (VII)
#32 – Zorn and Thorn (IX)
#31 – Squall (VIII)
#30 – Lulu (X)
#29 – Jenova (VII)
#28 – Rikku (X)
#27 – Sabin (VI)
#26 – Cid (IX)

Now then, I shall continue with the list, here’s #25…

Please note: This list will talk about spoilers. If you have not played the game that each character represents I'd avoid that entry.

#25: Bugenhagen

Full Name (to knowledge): Bugenhagen
Game: Final Fantasy VII
Role in Game: Minor Protagonist
Best Quote: "Ho Ho Hooo!"

What a character. I don’t think anyone dislikes this man, in game, or any fan for that matter. This man knows and explains the world of FF7 like no one else, his knowledge on the planet and the cycle of life is unmatched. He is so well respected that Red XIII calls him “Grandpa”. And he does it with great swagger to add it it. It’s a very emotional death that he has in the game, because even though he had a great life, and even though it isn’t real, you know that the world of FF7, if it ever were to exist, would be a worser place with him gone. What a character.

#24: Irvine

Full Name (to knowledge): Irvine Kinneas
Game: Final Fantasy VIII
Role in Game: Major Protagonist
Best Quote: “...Guns and women of course.” ( Irvine about his “department”)
The womaniser is a character often played in the series and it’s most emphasised in Irvine . He’s not my favourite (you’ll see…), but he is very good at it. He “tries it on” with all three ladies in the game but comes closest to Selphie, but he’s just so funny when he does it. Irvine is the lone sharpshooter and lives his own made gimmick, but he struts it so well you can’t help but love the guy.

#23: Locke

Full Name (to knowledge): Locke Cole
Game: Final Fantasy VI
Role in Game: Major Protagonist
Best Quote: “This better not have anything to do with that Magitek-riding, Imperial witch!!!” (about Terra, who was under the Empire’s control)

Locke’s a great character, I consider him to be the major protagonist of FF6 but it’s a true debate. I like the correcting of him being a “treasure hunter” rather than a thief. He has charisma, and he was truly in love with Rachel, and held his guilt for a long time. He tries to help the two main women in the game, Celes and Terra, from falling to a similar fate, and you’ve got to give it to him for that. Locke is a very likable character, he’s not a debatably annoying character at all, and is a great character amongst a great cast in FF6.

#22: Brother

Full Name (to knowledge): Brother
Game: Final Fantasy X
Role in Game: Minor Protagonist
Best Quote: “Not worry, me... take you there. No problem ya?” (Brother trying to speak English)

Brother’s another debatable character in terms of if he deserves a place in this list, mainly because of the controversy around his “affections” for his cousin Yuna. However I’ve always liked him, and furthermore in X-2, I think he’s funny and truly cares about Rikku. He’s also by far the best player in Blitzball, which makes him really useful. You may not agree, but I think Brother’s a great character and is my 22nd favourite character in the series.

#21: Cloud

Full Name (to knowledge): Cloud Strife
Game: Final Fantasy VII
Role in Game: The Main Protagonist
Best Quote: Cloud: “All right, everyone, let's mosey.” Cid: “Damn! Again! Stop sayin' it like a wimp! Can't you say 'Move out!' or somethin'?” Cloud: “Move out!"

And BAM! Like that, you probably are surprised if you have been following this list properly. Yes, Cloud is as low as #21 in my list. In my opinion, that’s quite high, but because he is universally popular and a video game icon, you’re probably wandering why he is as low as this. The main reason, because I like other characters more, other characters from FF7 more, and other characters from Final Fantasy more. Cloud’s character is great, don’t get me wrong, his fucked up mind being dug into and twisted and eventually ironed out is one of the most entertaining things in FF history. However, the storyline and iconic image aside, what does Cloud actually do? He’s actually quite bland. I like him a lot, but because of the amazing storyline around him, he’s elevated to this fantastic FF mascot-like status, which is fine, but his character is still quite bland. That’s why he is #21 in my list.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know your thoughts in the comments box below.

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  1. number one - zorne and thorne collectivly are better then sabin and edgar, edgar is funny on his own but as a pair i dont care for them.
    number two - sabin is great and all but the only reason why i like him is because his blitz attack, and hes too high up for my liking, when you see all the great characters he is above, but its not my list!

  2. I personally disagree, naturally, but I am a huge Zorn and Thorn fan as well. Besides I don't want everyone to agree with me!

  3. The picture of bugenhagen looks like a big poo :P anyway, i voted other because i think that barrett should have been top 25 and i think vincent and seifer should have been higher not to mention *cough* cyan *cough*

  4. I do belive cloud is a bit over rated FF character... I dident care for him as much as Yuffie and Vincent :D