Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Top 50 Final Fantasy Characters (Part 4)

Please note: This list will talk about spoilers. If you have not played the game that each character represents I'd avoid that entry.

#35: Kimahri

Full Name (to knowledge): Kimahri Ronso
Game: Final Fantasy X
Role in Game: Major Protagonist
Best Quote: “Pick spot. Shut up. Wait.” (to Tidus)
Kimahri is a great character, he’s so plain and simple yet you just can’t help but love the big guy. He is so loyal, so respectful to Yuna and he is everything a “guardian” should be. You don’t half feel sorry for him when Seymour destroys his race, and you just want to kick his ass with Kimahri for revenge. Another thing is you really feel sorry when you find out why he has his broken horn. Kimahri is a very good character, and deserves his place in this list.

#34: Ba'Gamnan

Full Name (to knowledge): Ba'Gamnan
Game: Final Fantasy XII
Role in Game: Major Antagonist
Best Quote: “We need Balthier alive! His corpse fetches but half the bounty!”

Ba’Gamnan’s role in FF12 isn’t incredibly important, he is a bounty hunter and wants Balthier’s body, preferably alive, so he can make money off him. Balthier uses his quick wit often with him, but that aside, Ba’Gamnan is really freaking scary. I don’t know what it is, if it’s his reptile look, or that damn awesomely sick weapon, but you just don’t want to mess with him. He’s a decent villain, and puts Vayne to shame in honesty, and really deserves a mention as one of the few sparks in an otherwise bland set of characters in FF12.

#33: Vincent

Full Name (to knowledge): Vincent Valentine
Game: Final Fantasy VII
Role in Game: Optional Major Protagonist
Best Quote: “Hearing your stories has added upon me yet another sin. More nightmares will come to me now. More than I previously had.”

It’s amazing how well received Vincent is, he’s most certainly the best optional character in Final Fantasy history (or is that Gogo? Difficult…). It’s arguable that you could say Vincent deserves to be higher up in this list, he most certainly is kickass, and his transformations would be a more than welcome expansion in a remake of this great game. Vincent, despite being optional, knows and plays a very important part in this game, but it’s his swagger, his look, his presence that makes him so memorable. That being said, he’s quite bland otherwise, and doesn’t say much unless he has to. But he definitely deserves to be in this, I’m sure some of you think higher than 33rd, but here is where he is placed in my personal list.

#32: Zorn and Thorn
Full Name (to knowledge): Meltigemini (or just Zorn and Thorn)
Game: Final Fantasy IX
Role in Game: Major Antagonist
Best Quote: Zorn: We are in trouble! Thorn: Trouble we are in!"
Zorn and Thorn are very good homage’s to a pair of Shakespearean characters named Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, who serve a similar purpose, which are court jesters. Zorn and Thorn unlike their Shakespearean counterparts, are actually one entity, a monster named Meltigemini. Zorn and Thorn are really irritating little brats for the majority of the game, first working under Queen Brahne, and then under Kuja, but they do their job so well I love them. I love the quirkiness of their speech, when they say the same sentence just jumbled up to make it sound differently. Zorn and Thorn are characters that aren’t easily forgettable in a game that has lots of great characters in, in FF9.

#31: Squall

Full Name (to knowledge): Squall Leonhart
Game: Final Fantasy VIII
Role in Game: The Main Protagonist
Best Quote: “I had a dream, too. It wasn't pleasant, though ... I dreamt I was a moron...” (referring to Laguna)

Squall is the first official main protagonist in this Top 50 list. He’s a debatable character, probably one of the early emos that you see on our streets today, however I do like him. Squall was emo before emo was, and when I was a teenager playing this game, I really understood parts of the way he thinks, probably to the dismay of some fellow FF fans. When I think of Squall, I think of a winey emo, yes, but he’s also a character in a state of transition, who is dealing with, ahem, puberty, and seeing how his character changes on screen from the start to the end of the game was an interesting ride. You may not like him, I personally for the most part do, but you can’t deny that it was an entertaining story that Squaresoft gave us and it served its purpose. I like Squall, I may not like his personality much, but I like him. That’s why he’s my #31.

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  1. I don't even recall these guys. Were they part of the Theatre ship crew?

  2. Yeah the Nero Brothers are in the play right in the start, but my favourite scene is when you see them "reuniting" on Disc 3 (link below) and doing their trademark movements and reminiscing. It's an odd choice I know, but I love them, I want to greet people like they do! =p

  3. If Locke isn't your #1 I'm going to have very stern words with you.