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The Mercyside 100: #70 to #56

On Thursday I posted the third of seven parts of the Mercyside 100, counting down the 100 songs I played more than any other on my personal media player. This show is the first time we have an artist appear more than once on a show. It happened twice; we had two Nine Inch Nails tracks and two songs by The Lonely Island.

Don't forget you can hear this list of songs as part of a DJ show here:

So here is the third part of the Mercyside 100, from #70 to #56!

#70: My Wall
Artist: Korn (feat. Excision and Downlink)
Album: The Path of Totality
Released: 2011

#69: Closer
Artist: Nine Inch Nails
Album: The Downward Spiral
Released: 1994

#68: I'm on a Boat

Artist: The Lonely Island (feat. T-Pain)
Album: Incredibad
Released: 2009

#67: Bad Girls
Artist: M.I.A.
Album: Matangi
Released: 2012

#66: Last Child
Artist: Aerosmith
Album: Rocks
Released: 1976

#65: White Limo
Artist: Foo Fighters
Album: Wasting Light
Released: 2011

#64: Fishfingers

Artist: The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster
Album: Horse of the Dog
Released: 2002

#63: Holy Wars... The Punishment Due

Artist: Megadeth
Album: Rust in Peace
Released: 1990

#62: Fukken Über Death Party
Artist: Hanzel und Gretyl
Album: 2012: Zwanzig Zwolf
Released: 2008

#61: Jus' a Rascal
Artist: Dizzee Rascal
Album: Boy in da Corner
Released: 2003

#60: Death by Diamonds and Pearls
Artist: Band of Skulls
Album: Baby Darling Doll Face Honey
Released: 2010

#59: Slipping Away
Artist: Nine Inch Nails
Album: Things Falling Apart
Released: 2000

#58: Fire Like This
Artist: Hardknox
Album: Hardknox
Released: 1997

#57: Go Kindergarten
Artist: The Lonely Island (feat. Robyn)
Album: The Wack Album
Released: 2013

#56: Crying Lightning
Artist: Arctic Monkeys
Album: Humbug
Released: 2009 week I'll be posting #55 to #41 so passing the half way mark so stay tuned, either here or directly at Mixcloud!

The Mercyside 100: #70 to #56: 23/1/14
Track listing:
My Wall (feat. Excision and Downlink) - KoRn
Closer - Nine Inch Nails
I'm on a Boat (feat. T-Pain) - The Lonely Island
Bad Girls - M.I.A.
Last Child - Aerosmith
White Limo - Foo Fighters
Fishfingers - The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster
Holy Wars... The Punishment Due - Megadeth
Fukken Über Death Party - Hanzel und Gretyl
Jus' a Rascal - Dizzee Rascal
Death By Diamonds and Pearls - Band of Skulls
Slipping Away - Nine Inch Nails
Fire Like This - Hardknox
Go Kindergarten (feat. Robyn) - The Lonely Island
Crying Lightning - Arctic Monkeys
Total running time: 01:05:43

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