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My Top 50 Favourite Video Game Villains: #30 - #21

We're 40% through the list, so let's count another 10 villains down, from #30 to #21!

Note: There are possible spoilers in each entry so avoid them if you don't want to ruin any storylines.

#30: Dr Fetus
Other Names: Dr Keith Fetus
Debut Game and Year: Super Meat Boy (2010)
Famous Quote?: None
Other Appearances: None
Super Meat Boy is a brilliant game. With a very simple storyline. Dr Fetus is an evil bastard, who dislikes everyone. Especially Meat Boy. Because he hates Meat Boy so much he kidnaps his girlfriend and hides her in very difficult traps for Meat Boy to get killed in. It's an old school platform game made fun and very difficult, and Dr Fetus always stays one step ahead of Meat Boy, continuing to hide his girlfriend away from him and flips his middle finger at him whenever possible. Dr Fetus isn't an original villain in motivation or even complicated, but he's just fun to chase and serves a great deal of joy in playing Super Meat Boy.

#29: Giovanni
Other Names: None
Debut Game and Year: Pokemon Red and Blue (1996)
Famous Quote?: "Keep your nose out of grown-up matters... Or experience a world of pain!"
Other Appearances: Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen, Pokemon HeartGold and Soulsilver, Pokemon Black and White 2

There was something quite likeable about Giovanni from the original Pokemon games. He was a man that wanted power and to use Pokemon to take over the world but, there was always a certain respect he had for the player. Despite all the evil and intent he had, he lost his battles against you with grace and respect and walked away from his plans whenever you got the better of him. I don't know why but I just thought that was such a cool thing about Giovanni. I've always liked him and always will.

#28: Creeper
Other Names: None
Debut Game and Year: Minecraft (2011)
Famous Quote?: "sssssss......"
Other Appearances: None

Ask anyone who has played Minecraft about Creepers and they will all tell a different story about this little fella, all resulting in hearing a hissing sound and an explosion of some creation that took hours of time to arrange. Creepers are like the landlord from hell, waiting for you to work your butt off for a living then take a huge chunk out of your hard work... but this time it's literally. All they do is explode in front of your house or other structures, just for the hell of it. But there's also something quite lovable about them too, and they're one of the best bunch of green pixels a game can ask for.

#27: Nemesis
Other Names: Nemesis-T Type, The Pursuer
Debut Game and Year: Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (1999)
Famous Quote?: "S.T.A.R.S..."
Other Appearances: Resident Evil Survivor 2 Code: Veronica, Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

Nemesis is one of the most iconic monsters in video game history, but he's not my favourite. More on that later in the list. But it's hard not to see why. Big grotesque monster. He's possibly the most popular stalking monster in the history of video gaming. Has a rocket launcher. Has an awesome trench coat. Very difficult to knock out, nevermind kill. He's been the nightmare of many a player, in two ways, playing the game and his scariness. He's a tough m-fer and is so hard to knock down. Easy mode or hard mode, makes no difference. But I've gotta love Nemesis, he's a different kind of badass and deserves a big mention here in my list.

#26: Mankar Camoran
Other Names: None
Debut Game and Year: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (2006)
Famous Quote?: "So, the cat's-paw of the Septims arrives at last. You didn't think me unawares? Here of all places, in the paradise that I created?"
Other Appearances: None

Before I talk about this dude I'd just like to say I was debating whether or not to put Cicero from Skyrim in this list. I've decided not to as he can be a friend or a foe. But he would have made this list, and quite far in it, if it wasn't optional.

Anyway, Cicero aside, The Elder Scrolls games do struggle to make great villains. There are some good villains, but very few are "great". Mankar Camoran is a great villain however. He's almost invincible and talks a lot of sense to a certain extent, and that's what's so good about him. It seems inevitable that evil will run over the planet at some point or another, when Oblivion is just underneath the world. But obviously you want to stop it, and try to make it so it'll never ever happen. But Mankar Camoran's speeches are great to read, whilst travelling through Paradise. I love Camoran, and for me he's one of the best characters in the entire series of The Elder Scrolls.

Okay, we're half way there now, so here's a recap of the list from #50 to #26:

#50 - Ogre (Tekken)
#49 - Tom Nook (Animal Crossing)
#48 - The Tank (Left 4 Dead)
#47 - Akuma (Street Fighter)
#46 - Ba'Gamnan (Final Fantasy XII)
#45 - Mr. X (Streets of Rage)
#44 - The Director (Manhunt)
#43 - Tiny Tiger (Crash Bandicoot)
#42 - Goldman (House of the Dead)
#41 - Bryan Fury (Tekken)
#40 - Blue (Pokemon)
#39 - The Ghosts (Pac-Man)
#38 - Lisa Trevor (Resident Evil)
#37 - Knuckles (Sonic 3)
#36 - Dr Zomboss (Plants vs Zombies)
#35 - Scissorman (Clock Tower)
#34 - Seifer (Final Fantasy VIII)
#33 - Walter Sullivan (Silent Hill 4: The Room)
#32 - Black (Gunstar Heroes)
#31 - G. Ceara (Super Monaco GP)
#30 - Dr Fetus (Super Meat Boy)
#29 - Giovanni (Pokemon)
#28 - Creeper (Minecraft)
#27 - Nemesis (Resident Evil 3)
#26 - Mankar Camoran (Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion)

So, let's start the Top 25! At number 25 is...

#25: Dr Robotnik
Other Names: Doctor Ivo Robotnik, Dr Eggman
Debut Game and Year: Sonic the Hedgehog (1991)
Famous Quote?: None
Other Appearances: Almost if not all Sonic the Hedgehog games since
Do you call him Dr Eggman? Because fuck you, if you call him Dr Eggman. He's Dr Robotnik and I won't take any arguments about that.

You've gotta love Dr Robotnik. The man will stand at nothing but to try and take over the world, just to be thwarted every time by an annoying speedy blue hedgehog. He has no soul; kidnapping all sorts of animals and shoving them into his high-intelligence robots and make them take over precious lands in attempts to taking control. He's real evil like. And I love him. His grin, his Eggmobile, his running animation, he's just so awesome.

#24: Zachary Comstock
Other Names: Zachary Hale Comstock, Father Comstock, The Prophet, Booker DeWitt
Debut Game and Year: Bioshock Infinite (2013)
Famous Quote?: "One man goes into the waters of baptism, a different man comes out, born again. But who is that man who lies submerged? Perhaps that swimmer is both sinner and saint, until he is revealed unto the eyes of man."
Other Appearances: None
Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers! Avoid the text above and this paragraph to avoid spoilers! Okay? Right. Anyway. Wow. Wow is the best word to describe the amazing storyline and scenario created in Bioshock Infinite. Comstock is Booker DeWitt. Never saw that coming. The horrible cycle of Comstock, Colombia, Elizabeth's birth and amazing power all comes down to a loop in Comstock's bloodline. He can see the future apparently. Elizabeth can see the past. Time travel is everywhere in Colombia, and Booker DeWitt is in the middle of a huge confusing storyline of time travel that is way above him. Or is it? It is him. He is the core of the whole situation. DeWitt is an alternative version of Comstock, the "old" Comstock, before he became a prophet. DeWitt is full of dispair and shame, because Elizabeth is his daughter, and he loses her. And he has to die, to stop everything from happening over and over again. He has to die to stop the time travelling and for Comstock's existence to be void. For Elizabeth not to be taken advantage of. Of course she has to die too (although that's been debated... not gonna go into that). Either way, Comstock, or Booker DeWitt, is a great villain. Full of badass quotes, a strong agenda and an almost clear cut invincibility, until the events of the game finally occur, Comstock is one great bad guy.

#23: Heihachi Mishima
Other Names: None
Debut Game and Year: Tekken (1994)
Famous Quote?: "I'll be quick with your death!" - pre-fight quote from Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Other Appearances: Every Tekken game since
His dad, Jinpachi, his son, Kazuya, and his grandson, Jin, all have different forms of the devil gene, but you can always argue that Heihachi, the only person who doesn't have it in his bloodline is the most evil of the lot. He disposes of his father and takes over his country, throws his son down a ravine to "test his strength" and tries to kill his grandson. All he cares about is himself, and his power, and has very little time for anyone or anything, and won't hesitate to double cross anyone, family or not. But, like a lot of these villains in this list, there's something lovable about Heihachi. I love his relationship with his pet bear, Kuma. And there's quite a few funny moments in some of the endings, throughout the series. Not to mention that he has an awesome moveset. I just love Heihachi.

#22: Dormin
Other Names: None
Debut Game and Year: Shadow of the Colossus (2005)
Famous Quote?: "We, Dormin, have arisen anew..."
Other Appearances: None

Spoilers! Spoilers! Don't read this if you want to avoid spoilers! Done? Okay. Like the Comstock entry, I thought it's important to warn you about spoilers because of how amazing the game and its storyline are. If you haven't completeled Shadow of the Colossus you won't recognise Dormin. All of the colossi you defeat in the game, are actually parts of Dormin. He tricks Wander, the main character, promising him to ressurrect his lady if he kills the colossi in the lands around the temple, where in actual fact, by killing them, they, one by one, take over Wander's body to their master in the temple. When he gets killed in the temple, Dormin takes over, all sixteen parts of him, become one giant demon-thing, and destroy the people who are in the temple. He tricked you into believing him, thinking he was good, and had the power to bring back your lover, when in actual fact, he was using you to become born again. Dormin looks badass, and is a horrible villain, for using your character like that.

#21: William Birkin
Other Names: None
Debut Game and Year: Resident Evil 2 (1998)
Famous Quote?: None
Other Appearances: Resident Evil 0, Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles
If you haven't seen it yet, I wrote a homage article to William Birkin on this website. It's the second most viewed page on this site. You can read that here.

Considering I wrote a homage article about him you'd have to expect me to place him high on this list of villains. Some may have expected him higher on the list. Fair enough. But it shows you how much I love the next twenty villains.

William Birkin was an amazing monster. And that's one of the main reasons why he's not higher on the list. As a monster, he's absolutely incredible. My homage article pays homage to the monster, the transformations and everything about his physical appearance, and how much it affected me as a gamer. But as a villain, William Birkin isn't really a bad guy. He was a researcher who was experimenting for the Umbrella company. When he realised how special his research was, he started to guard his virus vaccine from those who wished to use it for bad. But he became obsessed with it, and his obsession lead to him being mortally wounded by Umbrella Special Forces. He'd rather use it on himself than give his life's work to those leeches. So, as a villain, he wasn't an evil dude. He was on the wrong side of the fence, and was desperate. So that's why he's not higher on the list. But sure, the monster, not the man, is an incredible sight to be seen and will live with me, and many gamers, forever.

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