Friday, February 11, 2011

Noughtie: My Guilty Pleasures

Welcome to Part 9 of 22 of the Noughtie series. This, for me anyway, is a slightly embarassing listing as I'm going to reveal 10 songs by 10 artists I really don't like. Some of these artists were featured in my Least Favourite Artists article, yet I can't help but like some of these songs. Let's get to't.

10. "Gives You Hell" by The All-American Rejects
I don't hate this band, I'm quite non-committal about them, that's why they're #10. They're a slightly dislikable emo band, yet this song got quite popular, it definitely got played a lot. The more I listened to it the more I tolerated it, and eventually started to like it. The video, if in the right mood, is quite good to watch too.

9. "It's My Life" by Bon Jovi
Man, I can't stand Bon Jovi. My fiancee and her family love him and play him often when we travel by car, while I sulk in the corner. Well this song is an exeption. I don't even know why,  I just can tolerate it. I find myself singing it when it comes on the radio or whatever.

8. "Losing Grip" by Avril Lavigne
If you aren't a huge fan of Avril chances are this song passed you by. It was the fourth single off her debut album (after the horrendous songs like Sk8er Boi and such), and rarely got played on TV or Radio. But I actually don't mind it, I saw it on Kerrang! way back when it came out and decided to listen to it, I dunno why, and actually thought it sounded okay. It shows that she has slightly more talent than I thought she did beforehand.

7. Lonely at the Top - The Ordinary Boys
Another band I can't stand really, but this song is yet another exception. I find it quite catchy. I heard it quite regularly on the radio when it came out and thought it was a decent track. Then they followed it up with the horrendous "I Luv U" and I started hating them again.

6. Figured You Out - Nickelback
First mention of Nickleback in the series and unfortunately it won't be the last. Like them or hate them, they have had a great success in the last decade. More about that in other listings though. I hate this band, but they have done a couple of songs I don't mind, this one being one of them. I think it sounds okay. It's another one of those singles that unless you're an avid Nickleback fan, may not have heard. It's okay. That's my opinion anyway.

5. Teenagers - My Chemical Romance
Man, I hate this band so much. I fucking, hate, this, band. And I hid feelings about this song for sometime. I tried to hate it I really did. But it's really catchy. It's got a fantastic chorus, and Gerard Way's vocals aren't as frustrating to listen to as normal. I still hate that man. Why does one of the hottest women in metal have to go to him? Sigh...

4. God Put a Smile Upon Your Face - Coldplay
You can add the album "A Rush of Blood to the Head" as an album that is okay, by a band I don't like. I was in a very happy period of my life when this album came out and a good friend had a copy and played it often. This was my favourite song on it definitely, I think it's possibily their best song. It's a good little track.

3. This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race - Fall Out Boy
The only song by the band I actually think it quite good. I do also like the self-parody video, it gives the band some character, and that the band is not all about Pete Wenz after all. Seth Green being in the video is a huge plus of course. But yeah, the song is quite catchy, I like the beat in the first verse and the chorus is quite good too.

2. Harder to Breathe - Maroon 5
I heard this song before they got really big. If you haven't heard it, check it out because it's actually quite cool. This was their debut single, which didn't get anywhere because mainstream pop don't care about cool songs, then they released "This Love" afterwards and got huge. Everyone then forgot about this really cool song and not many people have looked for it since. I heard this, thought the band was quite cool, then heard everything else afterwards that they released and hated them. Oh well.

1. Superman - Stereophonics
I don't like the Stereophonics. I don't hate them, but I don't like them. This is the only song by the band I like. But I don't like it, I love it. It really kicks ass. It just sounds so cool, it's not your typical Stereophonics song which is probably why it's that good. If you haven't heard it before, check it out:

So there's my Top 10 songs that I consider are guilty pleasures. As a rule, I really don't like those bands, even hate some of them. Yet those songs are good tracks, that show that you can like songs even if you don't like the bands. I shall be back on Sunday, with the best of 2004.

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  1. oh god... none of these are guilty pleasures, they're all shite lol well, 70% are crap!!