Friday, March 11, 2011

Noughtie: Best of 2009 (Mixtape)

Here we are, the final mixtape of the series. It's been a journey. I've given you my favourite tracks from each year, from 2000 to 2008. 2009 is the last one. I've covered the decade in its entirety now.
I'd like to big this mixtape up... but I'm not particularly excited by it. It's in my opinion by far the weakest mixtape, I see 2009 as an awful year for music. It was hard getting this list together, or at least I feel I struggled. When I played this playlist back it was quite uneventful. But you may like it, or you may not. Anyway, for the final time in the series, the rules of the mixtape.
A Mixtape is a playlist of a certain genre, band or era. The list is generally 80 minutes long, the same length of a blank CD, with further recommendations if some of the songs aren't to your taste. Remember kids, downloading is wrong!
So let's finish this! My favourite tracks from 2009.
  1. Crawl Back In - Dead by Sunrise
  2. Rusted From the Rain - Billy Talent
  3. Mind Eraser, No Chaser - Them Crooked Vultures
  4. Warriors Dance - The Prodigy
  5. We're From America - Marilyn Manson
  6. Mark David Chapman - Mindless Self Indulgence
  7. What? - Rob Zombie
  8. Bonkers - Dizzee Rascal
  9. Empire State of Mind - Jay-Z feat. Alicia Keys
  10. Zero - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  11. Don't Upset the Rhythm - The Noisettes
  12. Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up) - Florence and the Machine
  13. Fresh Blood - Eels
  14. No You Girls - Franz Ferdinand
  15. Fire - Kasabian

Don't like some of these? Try these five:
  1. We Made You - Eminem
  2. New Divide - Linkin Park
  3. Know Your Enemy - Green Day
  4. Get On Your Boots - U2
  5. Heavy Cross - The Gossip
And there we go! All the mixtapes are done and dusted. I hope you liked them. But this isn't the end... no no no! This is the beginning of the end, a very long end... on Saturday I shall be starting the first of the two mega listings, my favourite 100 tracks of the decade. Every track in that large listing you will have seen in these Mixtapes, but not in favourite order. Now I'll be celebrating what I think the best 100 singles of the decade are. This is the biased listing. The unbiased one will be after, and will be celebrated on a daily basis. But we shall start on Sunday with the biased listing. I hope to see you then.

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