Thursday, March 03, 2011

Noughtie: Best Music Videos - Part 2

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So welcome to Part 2 of 4, counting down what I think the best 20 music videos of the last decade were. Let's just get straight in there, from #15 to #11!

15. "There There" - Radiohead (2003)

This video brings me to a time where I was so happy, I always maintain my favourite year in my life, personally, was 2003. But this video, regardless, is fantastic. It's my favourite Radiohead video, and I just love the message, the imagery, and the moral of the story thieves never prosper (apparently). Thom Yorke's facial expressions are fantastic, and his legs whilst running are just hilarious. I love all the forest animals too, especially the owls getting married. It's just a brilliant work of art.

14. "Links 2-3-4" - Rammstein (2001)

This video is just epic. I mean, ants in a disco is awesome enough, especially DJ Ant. Then the beetles just starting a war on the ants is awful. But the ants marching to start a war on the beetles is just fantastic. The video goes so well with Rammstein's brilliant marching industrial beat. The only snag in the video is the human hand at the end, suggesting the ants took over the world. If Bill Bailey says it isn't happening, it isn't happening!

13. "Seven Nation Army" - The White Stripes (2003)

This isn't that special a video when you strip it down, it's a very simple concept. Yet you just stare at this video when you watch it, all the triangles, all the red, black and white visuals, the seeing Jack, Meg, Jack, Meg, skull soliders, Jack, Meg, Jack, Meg, over and over again. It's just such a simple yet effective concept, it's just visually obsessive to watch.

12. "Here it Goes Again" - OK Go (2006)

The Treadmill video! It sucks that this video is labelled that because OK Go are a better band than that. I haven't heard a great amount by this band but I like what I've heard. Anyway, this video is self explanitory, it really shot them into superstardom really, otherwise they were just like any other indie band. The dance routine is brilliant, and it was done in one shot too, so kudos to them for that. The one question I always ask though, is how come it took until 2006 for someone to actually think of a dance routine on treadmills? I don't know...

11. "Psychosis Safari" - The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster (2003)

Edgar Wright, director of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, is a huge TEMBLD fan, and directed this video. It's a stunning piece of work, intentionally looking like a video made in the early eighties. Man, you'd have thought it was The Cramps that was on the telly when you saw this video back in '03. And the band look so cool, the 3-D glasses requests are fantastic, the TEMBLD car (RIP) turning into a flying firebird, it's just such a cool video. I love it.

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Part 2 done and dusted. Part 3 will be posted tomorrow, where we enter the Top 10 and count from #10 to #5. Take care.

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