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Noughtie: Best Music Videos - Part 4

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Here we are, the finale of my 20 favourite videos of the decade! Here you will find from #5 to #1, the five videos that I think kicked the most ass from the years 2000 to 2009. Here we go!

5. "Slam" - Pendulum (2005)

Chances are, this guy can dance better than you. It's another one of those videos that you just have to see if you haven't before. It's just brilliant. You do question how on earth this guy is as obese as he is, the moves he does. Anyway, it's just a cracking video, and a great dance track too.

4. "White and Nerdy" - Weird Al Yankovic (2006)

Man this video is now five years old but it still cracks me up. It's definitely Weird Al's best video, it's just so hilarious. You have to hand it to Weird Al, he's had this reputation since he started making music that his gimmick wasn't going to last, that he was a joke, a bad one at that, yet he has always had a decent fan base. But man, it really shot up after this came out, just because of how good a parody, and how great this video is. I doubt Weird Al would have had the same impact if he actually released "You're Pitiful", a parody of James Blunt. And the best thing about this video? Donny Osmond in the background. This is the best work Donny has EVER done in his entire career. He's fantastic in this.

3. "Weapon of Choice" - Fatboy Slim (2001)

Bloody Youtube is a pain in the ass. I got this from Daily Motion as all the YT versions lacked embedding. Anyway! Once again, this is another video that is universally popular and universally critically acclaimed as one of the best videos ever made. Who the hell knew that Christopher Walken could move like that?! Brilliant stuff.

2. "Shut Me Up" - Mindless Self Indulgence (2006)

The video and song that shot this band into the mainstream! Wowzers. If you haven't heard this band, or seen this video, do so. Now. It's fantastic. I keep on saying, there's not a single band out there like this band, you have to hear them to believe me. So just click right... there! Above this text! Go on!
By the way, I used to work in the Co-op, and I can't tell you how often I felt like doing this to some of the customers. The only bad thing to say about this video is that Lyn-Z isn't in it. Then again, she should be at my house instead.

So, we've got to the end. What do I think the best video of the decade was? Let's find out...

1. "Low" - Foo Fighters (2003)

Man, I can't believe how many good videos came out in 2003. It's very bizarre, but I did say that 2003 was the best year of the decade and this is further proof. This is the sixth and final video from 2003, that's 6/20! Anyway...
Yes, this is what I believe the best video of the decade is. It's just so funny. Jack Black and Dave Grohl, two great friends, just spend a night together getting drunk and filming it. And we see the consequences. It's just hilarious. Yes, they are theoretically acting but I honestly think this was just a genuine night out and they filmed the start and finish to make it look like it was an act. Regardless, this is just brutally funny. It's a video that unfortunately gets forgotten about as it wasn't one of their biggest singles. That being said it's my favourite Foo's song of the decade, and it's definitely my favourite video. If you haven't seen it, seriously, watch it above. And if you have, watch it anyway!

So, there we go, my personal favourite listing is now done. I thoroughly enjoyed going back through these 20 videos, which are all great in different ways. I hope you found one or two videos in there you have not seen before, and now like. Do you disagree with the order? Do you want to put in your two pennies and suggest an equally if not better video? Comment below. Well I'll be back on Monday with the penultimate Mixtape, for the year 2008. Take care.

If you want to see these videos and any other videos I like on Youtube then you can view my Youtube account here.

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