Monday, June 08, 2015

My Top 100 Favourite Music Videos: #5

#5 "Coffee and TV" - Blur
Release Date: 1999
Director: Hammer and Tongs
Fun Fact: When Blur took part in the 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony, anyone that bought a Blur t-shirt were given a free "Milky" carton!
Man, I love this video so much. It's probably the only music video on the list that brings me close to tears every time I watch it!

"Milky" the milk carton is one of the cutest things ever created. Period. I seriously want one of those "Milky" cartons that were given free with any Blur t-shirt purchase at the Olympics. Looking on eBay they cost £30 each! Expensive but totally worth it.

If you've not seen this video then please do. This is one of those videos that are for pretty much for all audiences, young and old The story of this music video, along with the amazing charm that "Milky" brings with him, is just simple yet top notch. If you've not seen this video, all I'm willing to say is that Graham Coxon (Blur's guitarist) is apparently missing and is put on milk cartons. "Milky" comes to life, to try and find him and you follow him on his adventure to do so. He finds all sorts of wonders and dangers along the way.

Just watch the video. If you've seen it or not, it's definitely worth your time.
Note: This is the third and last video from the year 1999 in this list.

Here is the video for your enjoyment!

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