Saturday, April 09, 2016

My Top 100 Favourite Songs 2010-14 Edition: #41

#41. "Santo Domingo" – Jon Fratelli
Released: 28/2/11
Album: Psycho Jukebox

Despite it getting mixed reviews, I absolutely LOVED Jon Fratelli's debut album. I reviewed it for this website and to this day it's one of my favourite albums so far this decade. I can't believe it's now five years old. But, just like the first two Fratellis albums, Jon Fratelli's solo project was also terribly underrated, I shouldn't be surprised now.

Anyway "Santo Domingo", the lead single off the album is one of the better songs on the album and, with the video as you can see below, you can clearly see the Americana influences in Jon's writing for this album. He clearly became infatuated with American rock, the desert session and Las Vegas while writing this album. "Santo Domingo" is a great introduction into any attempts to like Jon Fratellis' solo work, so I can't recommend enough for you to check the track out below.

Here's the video if you want to hear it!

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