Friday, December 03, 2010

Bitesize: #1

Hey everyone, I'm not doing a big post today, I've decided once in a while to do a Bitesize piece, where I just talk about a few things that are on my mind, on a personal or media related level.

First off the biggest news in football at the moment, Russia and Qatar hosting the 2018 and 2022 World Cups respectively. I, like most Englishmen, am disappointed we didn't get the bid. Is it corruption? Who knows. Innocent until proven guilty is the saying. So with that out of the way, congratulations to Russia and Qatar. In a certain way, I find it quite admirable that FIFA want to host the World Cup in places not well associated with the Western world. We get all the glamour, all the great things. We have to accept that not only have Russia or Qatar never hosted a World Cup and we have, but that we have the London Olympics. We will have many festivities here. USA will too, Australia also. We can't have everything. Did we have the best bid? Probably. It doesn't matter. What annoys me the most is that FIFA should have said right from the beginning, around 3 years ago, "Hey England, don't bother bidding for the World Cup. We want to try new places that have never been hosts before." Instead of waste what's been estimated as £50 million on something that never came close to going in our favour. All we can do now is hope that we can win the World Cup to spite FIFA!

Liverpool played yesterday, not too shabbily, bar Reina's unusual error. Nay'mind as they say. Our youngsters did us proud, and Jovanovic scored, two major plus points. The main plus point is obviously that we qualified with a game in hand as well. Let's hope we can do well in this competition, it's a promising fact, being unbeaten with rarely playing our strongest side. Hopefully we can go to Villa on the weekend and get three points, to continue to go from strength to strength. It will be difficult though. It'll be nice seeing Houllier again as well, he's still well received in Liverpool.

Biggest news in wrestling is the release of MVP. Apparently he requested his leave and it got granted. Good for him. He was very good on the mic, he drew good heat, he was decent in the ring too. I can't say it will be WWE's loss, but I can't say it's their gain either. He is a good wrestler and deserved a potential push for the title, maybe even winning it. If they want to make new stars, then it is their loss, he could have been a big star in the future, he had the potential. Hopefully TNA will snap him up, he's good enough for them to show interest.

Well that's it for my first Bitesize post. I'll do these once in a while. I hope you all have a good weekend, I'll post my 3000+ word music article tomorrow.
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