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The Top 50 Greatest Wrestling Catchphrases Past and Present: #50 - #26

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Welcome to my Top 50 Greatest Wrestling Catchphrases listing. This will be done in three parts in three days, so don't worry, it's not a 50 day job like my Top 50 Final Fantasy Characters listing was. Day #1 is today, I'll list from #50 to #26. Tomorrow I'll list from #25 to #11. I'll then list the Top 10 on day three, but also talk about why each entry into the Top 10 got to where they are.

Also, unlike My Top 50 FF Characters listing, this isn't a biased list. This is what I truly think the most important 50 catchphrases are in the industry, past and present. By industry, yes, I mean WWE. Each wrestler (not superstar!) in this list has or does work for the company. And by past and present, I'm not focusing on one part of the history of the biz. I've got eighties, nineties, noughties and present quotes in there. I've tried to call this down the line as possible. There is also a maximum of three quotes per wrestler, and there are a few guys in there that have three, not too may though.

Disagree? Think I've placed a phrase too high or low? Think I've missed a great catchphrase? Comment below, I'm more than willing to listen and maybe even change the list if you convince me! This isn't my favourite list, I don't think #1 is my favourite catchphrase. But it's probably undisputedly the most important phrase in this wickedly addictive thing we call wrestling.

And finally, there are commentator quotes on here, but they are regular catchphrases not particular to a wrestler. this is a list of catchphrases, not quotes, there are a lot of awesome quotes out there, but they aren't regular phrases said by the respective people.

Without further ado, here:s #50 - #26 in the Greatest Catchphrases, past and present...

Catchphrase: "I am Alberto Del Rio, but you already knew that."
Wrestler: Alberto Del Rio

Catchphrase: "Know your role, and shut your mouth!"
Wrestler: The Rock


Catchphrase: "For the benefit of those with flash photography…"
Wrestlers: Edge and Christian


Catchphrase: "I'm the man of the hour, the man with the power, too sweet to be sour."
Wrestler: Superstar Billy Graham

Catchphrase: "…and I quote!"
Commentator: Michael Cole

Catchphrase: "We are evil! Indeed!"
Wrestlers: Kai En Tai

Catchphrase: "Welcome to Raw, is, Jericho!"
Wrestler: Chris Jericho

Catchphrase: "Iran? Number 1! Russia? Number 1! USA? Hacktui!"
Wrestler: The Iron Sheik

Catchphrase: "Have a nice day!"
Wrestler: Mick Foley


Catchphrase: "Vintage!"
Commentator: Michael Cole

Catchphrase: "I'm straight edge, and that means I'm better than you."
Wrestler: CM Punk



Catchphrase: "It's a Slobberknocker!"
Commentator: Jim Ross

Catchphrase: "Hoo! USA! USA!"
Wrestler: Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Catchphrase: "Bang Bang!"
Wrestler: Mick Foley

Catchphrase: "Oh, you didnt know? Your ass better call somebody!"
Wrestlers: The New Age Outlaws

Catchphrase: "Excuse me!"
Valet: Vicky Guerrero

Catchphrase: "The showstopper! The icon! The main event!"
Wrestler: Shawn Michaels


Catchphrase: "I'm a limousine ridin', jet flying, kiss stealin', wheelin' dealin', son of a gun!"
Wrestler: Ric Flair

Catchphrase: "It doesn't matter what you think!"
Wrestler: The Rock

Catchphrase: "I'm The Miz and I'm awesome!"
Wrestler: The Miz

Catchphrase: "Damn!"
Wrestler: Ron Simmons

Catchphrase: "Just when you think you know the answers, I change the questions."
Wrestler: Roddy Piper

Catchphrase: "Can you dig that? Sucker!"
Wrestler: Booker T

Catchphrase: "Train. Say your prayers. Eat your vitamins."
Wrestler: Hulk Hogan


Catchphrase: "D-Von! What?! Get the tables!"
Wrestler: The Dudley Boyz

Do you think some of these should be higher? What do you think is, or should be in the Top 25? Let me know in the comments below. I'll be back tomorrow with #25 - #11!
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