Thursday, December 09, 2010

The Top 50 Greatest Wrestling Catchphrases Past and Present: #25 - #11

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Catchphrase: "Mr Kennedy! Kennedy!"
Wrestler: Mr Kennedy

Catchphrase: "Are you ready? No I said, are, you, reeady?!"
Wrestler: D-Generation X


Catchphrase: "You'll never, eever, be the same, again!"
Wrestler: Chris Jericho



Catchphrase: "Win if you can, lose if you must, but I always cheat!"
Wrestler: Jesse Ventura


Catchphrase: "It's true, it's damn true."
Wrestler: Kurt Angle


Catchphrase: "Give me a hell yeah!"
Wrestler: Stone Cold Steven Austin

Catchphrase: "Who's next?!"
Wrestler: Goldberg

Catchphrase: "I am The Game and I am that damn good!"
Wrestler: Triple H


Catchphrase: "Everybody has a price!"
Wrestler: Ted DiBiase

Catchphrase: "To be the man, you gotta beat the man!"
Wrestler: Ric Flair

Catchphrase: "The champ is here!"
Wrestler: John Cena


Catchphrase: "Ohh, what a rush!!"
Wrestler: The Road Warriors

Catchphrase: "I lie! I cheat! I steal!"
Wrestler: Eddie Guerrero


Catchphrase: "Ooh yeah! Dig it!"
Wrestler: Randy Savage

Catchphrase: "You can't see me!"
Wrestler: John Cena

So once again, do you agree? Disagree? What will be in the Top 10? Let me know what you think below. Top 10 time tomorrow!

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