Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bitesize: #2

Hey everyone, just a quick few things that I'll sum up in a quick blog.

I've just hit 4000 page views on this site, in under 4 months, I'm flabbergasted yet chuffed to bits with that statistic. I've been talking about different forms of media, which makes it more remarkable, I don't have one topic to juggle, I have about four. So to keep people interested in my writing about four different forms of media is going to be difficult, but I'm going to do my best to talk about these, and keep myself busy, and hopefully interest you further! I also broke my daily pageview record when I revealed the Top 10 in my Top 50 Greatest Catchphrases, Past and Present listing, when I hit 217 pageviews two days ago. That's just ridiculous for me, but once again, thanks for showing the interest I want you to show in my work!

In wrestling news Smackdown sounded similar to previous weeks, which is average to slightly above average. The Kane/Edge feud started off intriguing, with the "monster" being tamed by Edge by taking the only thing Kane loves in his life away from him, that being Paul Bearer. It started off quite fresh in terms of WWE storylines of late, but every week has been the same, Kane runs after Edge and Paul Bearer and when Kane thinks he's got Paul back it's a dummy. It's been this way for weeks and weeks now though and it's boring. But it seems like it's come to an end now that Kane has accidentally "killed" Paul Bearer for mistaking him for a dummy again, but it wasn't this time. Hopefully that's the end of it, although I'm disappointed Paul Bearer didn't get used properly, he's a great manager, one of the best of all time, and deserved to be used better than he way. Nay'mind.

The other big news really in wrestling was the great match between Tara and Mickie James on TNA. Not only is it rare for the women to main event a show, but these women put their (very nice) bodies on the line in a cage match. Neither made it out of the cage injury free but put on a great match. Tara has ligament damage in her elbow, she did it roughly half way through the match and continued. What a woman. Anyone who says wrestling is fake is stupid. It's just frustrating that a match as good as this won't happen now for a good 3 years or so, the last time I can remember a match being considered as good as this in the women's division was probably Trish/Mickie or Trish/Lita. They were ages ago.

In football, Liverpool produced an inconsistent display yesterday which has pretty much summed our season so far. We got off to a bad start, went a goal down, then made up for it with some decent football, got a goal back, then lost concentration and conceded two. But Liverpool never make it easy for themselves do they? It's a shame, we were actually on a decent run as well. We need to recuperate and give it another bash. It's frustrating that we can't get a longer period of momentum at the moment, we always have to slip on a banana skin, it's happened so many times this season its frustrating. Let's hope we can give a decent display midweek in the Europa League, and maybe get a few kids to have a good run out as well. Come on Pacheco, score a goal!
In video games, well Laguna has been announced on the new Dissidia game, which is awesome, but the PSP is broked. Bummer. I'm really disappointed that Dissidia is remaining on the PSP because it's a great game, I was hoping they would port it to the PS2, or at least the PS3/Xbox 360, but there's no news on that so far.

Site news, I'm also doing a review on Peggle, that should be up soon. I'm also doing a review on the soundtrack for the second series of True Blood, that should be up this week too. I'm also doing another listing, a short one this time, which will also be on GameFAQs, which is the "Top 10 Underappreciated Games in Major Franchises". Should be interesting. I'm also working on a massive project long term, but I don't want to reveal much about that yet, but it should be very interesting that's for sure.

That's it from me today, I hope your weekends have been good, and that you're all ready for the week ahead. Take care.
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