Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bitesize: #3

Hey everyone,

I hope your Christmas has been good, and that your New Year is full of joy. I had a good Christmas personally, most particularly for my daughter Vivi, who is two, she got lots of presents and lots of love from all three sides of her family. I saw my mum and siblings for the first time in 8 months, and as short as it was, it was very good. It's just a shame I've caught a stomach bug from my sister Tara, and haven't gone back to work as expected. But at least it gives me some time to plan ahead on this site, and in my personal life too. I'll be back at work on Tuesday because this bug just won't die unfortunately.

Enough about my personal life, I rarely talk about it on this site and try to keep it that way. If you've been keeping up to date on this site, I've announced my major project, which is Noughtie, the best in music from 2000-2009. If you want more details on it, check the post below. I'm making slow progress on it, but I should start it in the early part of the new year, that's for sure. I'll get a few more posts done in that time hopefully.

Now about footie. What a shambles last night's match was for Liverpool. The Hodge is getting himself some serious stick at the moment. I'm starting to lose faith as well, I'm quite the optimist usually. If we're going to sack him, I think we should do it NOW, so the new manager gets the transfer kitty in two days time. Otherwise, stick with him until the end of the season, give him the kitty, and see what he does with it. If there's progress second half of the season, keep him for next season, otherwise boot him at the end of the season. My take? Keep him, I like the guy and feel sorry for him. I think he's better than people are believing him to be. I want Hodgson to be a success, I really do. But it's up to the owners really.

Some intriguing news wrestling wise has come around recently. On a personal level for Christmas I got Chris Jericho's Breaking the Code DVD, which is tremendous. I love that guy, my favourite wrestler of all time. We've got The Miz/John Morrison on Raw next week, which, if given time, should be a cracker. They have good chemistry and could pull a 4 star match off if given the chance. It's just a shame that it inevitably means that The Miz retains and John Morrison won't be given the chance at the Royal Rumble. John Canton reckons it will be Jerry "The King" Lawler/The Miz at the Rumble, and if he's right, that's awful. A semi retired, 60+ wrestler given the big paycheck over a guy who is trying his very hardest to reach the top? Poor business. I know the opinion on Morrison is mixed, but I like the guy, yes he is poor on the mic, but his in ring offense is unique and works well. He'll make The Miz look good next week that's for sure.
More news wrestling wise was Cena's injury, it turns out that it's only bruising so it's not too bad. He might not wrestle next week, or be on a light scheduled match (a tag maybe) but should be fine long term. Like him or hate him Cena draws the WWE money. The most out of any of the current wrestlers at the moment. WWE have had a torrid year as it is, with so many key wrestlers leaving, or being injured, or retiring. If Cena was to be injured long term, it's going to get worse. And it's not good for the bloke either, I like the guy as a person, even if his on screen character can piss me off sometimes.
Last bit of wrestling news, is of Awesome Kong rumoured heavily to have signed a contract with WWE. If so, that's the best piece of news in the Divas division in a long time. Kong could be a brilliant signing, she's so big she'd make all the pretty blondy divas terrified. It'd be great television, and you never know, could actually make women's wrestling interesting again. I really don't understand WWE's logic in terms of what they look for in a female wrestler. The apparently logic is that sex draws money, it did in the nineties. But if you've got this PG barrier, and no women are flaunting their "goods", then people aren't interested. Which then leaves the focal point of the show, wrestling. Because they're all models, they barely are capable of wrestling. So where is the logic? They need to get the balance right, they need all of it - divas who can wrestle solidly (Kong, ODB, Hamada) but aren't particularly much to look at, divas who are eye candy (Velvet Sky, Angelina Love, Maria) and a mixture of both (Mickie James, Melina, Natalya). So we have everything covered. The best moulds of the past were Lita and Trish Stratus, they were good looking and could wrestle well. Why can't we have a good divas division again? It's not too hard a logical thought is it? We have an opportunity with the signing of Kong to resurrect the division again, that's for sure.

That's it from me today, once again, I hope you all have a fab New Year, and I hope my stomach settles soon. Take care.

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