Tuesday, March 24, 2015

My Top 100 Favourite Music Videos: #81

#81: "Poison" - Alice Cooper
Release Date: 1989
Director: Jay Levey
Fun Fact: This was only Alice Cooper's third (and last) UK Top 10 hit, and his first for 12 years!
Another video that brings me back to my childhood, I loved Alice Cooper as a kid. I was pretty obsessed with him at one point and this video always used to stand out to me... more than likely because of the women wearing very little!

No but in honesty, Alice Cooper looks absolutely badass here. He really revamped his gothic makeup look to add leather jackets and grungy makeup rather than his more clean crisp makeup of the seventies, and he looks really cool in this video. Seeing him trapped to some weird device also remains in the memory. It's just a very cool video and it'll always be a video I'm fond of because it takes me back to all those years ago, when I was a wee lad!

Note: This is the second and last video from the year 1989 in this list.

Here's the video for your enjoyment!

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