Sunday, June 11, 2017

My Top 30 Favourite Crash Bandicoot Levels: #20

#20 N. Sanity Beach
Game: Crash Bandicoot
Level: 1 (of 31, including boss battles)
Level Type: Jungle
Random Fact: Being the first level in the history of the series, this is the first time the player sees almost every type of crate available, bar TNT crates really! Nitro crates came into the games in Crash 2.
I’ve put down that this level is a “Jungle” level but it starts off at the beach, and goes into the Jungle, so in theory you could say it’s the only “beach” level in the game to do so.

Ah, the first level. It’s a classic really. It’s not on the level of, say, Green Hill Zone of Sonic the Hedgehog or World 1-1 in Super Mario, but for so many gamers, this was the gateway into the Crash Bandicoot series. Overall, it’s not the best level, it’s not the best designed level either, and for a first level of a video game it isn’t terribly easy. That bridge of see-through boxes still gets me at times! But it’s still an iconic level, and just hearing the music and seeing Crash wake up from the shore, is a classic moment no avid Crash Bandicoot fan will ever forget.

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