Monday, June 26, 2017

My Top 30 Favourite Crash Bandicoot Levels: #5

#5 Turtle Woods

Game: Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back
Level: 1 (of 27)
Level Type: Jungle
Random Fact: To get the blue gem in this level you need to break ZERO boxes. To my knowledge, this is the only level in the entire series that you get rewarded for nothing!
If you were to ask me what my favourite of the “first” levels of the Crash trilogy were, then it’s “Turtle Woods”. Comparatively for quick reference, Crash 3’s “Toad Village” got to #10 in my list and Crash 1’s “N. Sanity Beach” got to #20 in my list. And, like always, it’s hard to point out why I prefer this level the most. I must try and explain though, that’s why you’re here.

I love that despite the fact that this level is relatively easy, it has some difficult layers to it. Like, getting the blue gem. Getting NO boxes, it’s gotta be easy right? It’s not! There’s a part of the level where there’s around 8 boxes creating a wall and not hitting them when jumping over them is a skill in itself. You’re not allowed checkpoints because they’re boxes too. See what I mean? I also love the secret part of this level. I played through this level many many times when I was a kid and had no idea it was there. Little secrets make games so much more fun when you discover them. And “Turtle Woods”, for the first level in a video game, has many.
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