Sunday, June 25, 2017

My Top 30 Favourite Crash Bandicoot Levels: #6

#6 Hog Wild

Game: Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped!
Level: 8 (of 31, including boss battles)
Level Type: Hog
Random Fact: This is the first level in Crash history where you don’t control Crash but the animal he’s riding! He rides the Hog in Crash 1, Polar in Crash 2, and Pura and Baby-T in Crash 3!
Strange, the last three entries have been the eighth level of the three Crash games! Anyway, again, I know I’ve said it a lot already but this level is a CLASSIC. Genuinely, I think those people playing Crash 1 back in 1996 probably never saw this level coming. The first seven levels of the game (one being the first boss, Papu Papu) have you control Crash, and, even if they are very different levels in style, NOTHING compares to what’s to come when you get to Hog Wild. It must have been such a shock to those players! The level’s music is also legendary, and to be fair, considering it’s the first level where you control an animal in the series, the level design is pretty good. Crash 1 suffers with its controls at times but “Hog Wild” is pretty much spot on.
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