Saturday, May 09, 2015

My Top 100 Favourite Music Videos: #35

#35: "Hey Ya!" - The Outkast
Release Date: 2003
Director: Bryan Barber
Fun Fact: The song popularised the term "shake it like a Polaroid picture", which actually created a huge surge of interest in Polaroid cameras again!
Ah, this song is now definitely a classic. No two ways about it, this song is now considered to be one of the best songs of all time, and for good reason. It's just a great hip hop song, using traditional funk and rock 'n' roll, it has amazing lyrics, an incredibly catch chorus and you can't help but move to the track.

All of that is put into this video to great effect. If you were to create all of that energy and match it for music video, this is the correct result. Paying homage (but in reverse in many ways) to The Beatles arriving in America to partake in The Ed Sullivan Show, the video truly incorporates the rock 'n' roll movement so well; the screaming women, the back up band, the matching "suits", the Polaroid cameras, the black and white TVs, everything is perfect in this video. It's just one heck of a music video, and I'm sure you'll agree.

Here is the video for your enjoyment!

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