Sunday, May 03, 2015

My Top 100 Favourite Music Videos: #41

#41: "Man That You Fear" - Marilyn Manson
Release Date: 1997
Director: W.I.Z.
Fun Fact: The song is about how at a very young age Marilyn Manson (or Brian Warner) knew he was "different" to everyone else around him, friends and family, and would turn into a man that his entire circle wouldn't understand, and, in the end, fear.
This video actually made me cry when I first saw it many years ago. Probably losing "man points" there but I don't care!

It's truly a horrible yet incredible music video, a bit of a raw gem actually, because it's not even that popular with true Manson fans nevermind general music video people. If you're a Marilyn Manson fan or not, please watch this video.

It's a story about a man who, bluntly, was condemned to die. Completely pot luck, he's sentenced to be stoned to death, and it goes about the man's last day before he dies. He has a pregnant wife and a daughter, and they too, must take part in the stoning. It's just a horrible video but it really shows Marilyn Manson in a completely different light to what you usually perceive the shock rocker as. He does a tremendous effort of acting out this character and the video is just brilliantly harrowing. Seriously, give it a watch.

Here's the video for your enjoyment!

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