Friday, May 08, 2015

My Top 100 Favourite Music Videos: #36

#36: "Jack Sparrow" - The Lonely Island (feat. Michael Bolton)
Release Date: 2011
Director: Akiva Schaffer
Fun Fact: The Lonely Island almost begged Michael Bolton to do the song and video, he refused initially due to the strong language, but has since said it's "was one of the highlights of my career and most memorable experiences of my life"!
This is the third and last video by The Lonely Island on my list, and it's the FOURTH and final video directed by Akiva Schaffer on the list too.

Honestly, if you like Michael Bolton and haven't heard of The Lonely Island, or are reluctant to give the song a go because of their "adult humour" and "strong language", seriously, don't be that way. This is seriously one of the funniest videos of all time. I'm not exaggerating. And it's all down to the man himself, Michael Bolton.

Sir Bolton almost deserves an Oscar for his performance here, he does that good a job. He manages to successfully act out four very different films, and does a damn good and hilarious account of them all. The main one of course is Jack Sparrow, which is the premise of the video that, as The Lonely Island put it, Michael Bolton is a "major cinephile". Seriously, just watch the damn video!!

Here is the video for your enjoyment!

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