Sunday, March 27, 2016

My Top 100 Favourite Songs 2010-14 Edition: #57

#57. “QWERTY" – Mushroomhead
Released: 15/4/14
Album: The Righteous and the Butterfly

I've never been a Mushroomhead fan, I don't know why, their music has never really appealed to me. So when one of my radio show listeners requested this for my Halloween show back in October 2014 I didn't think anything of it. But in fairness, this is a fantastic track. It's really catchy, and it's generally just lots of fun in a metal track. The lyrics are cool and the video is pretty badass as well. I definitely recommend the track to all metal fans really because it's better than most of the crap out there at the moment and the song, while it got some decent airplay isn't really as popular as it should be in my opinion.

Here's the music video if you want to hear it!

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