Thursday, April 30, 2015

My Top 100 Favourite Music Videos: #44

#44: "Bad" - Michael Jackson
Release Date: 1987
Director: Martin Scorsese
Fun Fact: In the full version of the video, the main person opposite Michael Jackson is a relatively undiscovered Wesley Snipes!
You can find the usual four minute version of this music video everywhere but there's an epic 18 minute version of it... if you've never seen it before! Below is the second half of that video.

I remember seeing the full version of this video when I was a kid, I've probably seen all of the full length Michael Jackson videos at some point or another. And I much prefer them to the shortened versions. There's a huge plot at the centre of the "Bad" video, where Michael Jackson plays a teenager named Daryl who is being challenged to see how "bad" he is. The main part of the music video is how Daryl proves how bad he is, hanging out with all of these gangsters and, erm, dancing really well with them. It's an underappreciated video really, because most people haven't seen the full version of the music video, which further explains why Michael Jackson is with all of these gangsters. Check it out!

Here's the (second part of the) video for your enjoyment!

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