Saturday, April 11, 2015

My Top 100 Favourite Music Videos: #63

#63: "Fell in Love With a Girl" - The White Stripes
Release Date: 2002
Director: Michel Gondry
Fun Fact: Jack White actually asked Lego if they would like to put some lego pieces with each single that sold, but Lego refused. After the single became a massive hit, Lego contacted Jack White again to do the deal but then he refused!
This is the second song by the White Stripes (so far) on this list, and both videos have been directed by Michel Gondry. It's simply a fantastic video, using Lego to do a whole music video. Don't forget this was before Lego did all of these amazing video games and the movie and so on, so I suppose you've got to give great credit to the White Stripes and Michel Gondry for thinking outside of the box. The video just looks amazing and you can clearly see how much effort they put in to the video, brick by brick building each frame, it's just insane really.

Here's the video for your enjoyment!

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