Tuesday, April 28, 2015

My Top 100 Favourite Music Videos: #46

#46: "Enter Sandman" - Metallica
Release Date: 1991
Director: Wayne Isham
Fun Fact: This is the first of SIX videos by Metallica that have been directed by Wayne Isham!
Also, Wayne Isham directed the "Sweating Bullets" video by Megadeth, which got to #64 in the list.

This is only Metallica's second music video, after "One" was made two years prior. The song and the video work together perfectly. Basically it's about this kid who is having nightmares about this old man, who is known as The Sandman. In his nightmares he can't escape from The Sandman, and is having horrible visions of near death experiences (or even, death experiences), such as falling from the top of a building, being covered in deadly snakes, falling down a hillside and being chased by a large truck. All the while The Sandman watches this boy throughout the video, and even watches while the boy recites a prayer.

This video is almost overlooked nowadays. There's two reasons for this. The primary reason is because it's overplayed BIG time on music TV channels like Kerrang and Scuzz. And secondly, the flickering of the lighting throughout the video (which comes with an epileptic warning) sometimes means you're not quite watching the video closely to appreciate it. Seriously, watch the video again properly if you can, I'm sure you'll appreciate its greatness once more.
Note: This is the second and last video from the year 1991 in this list.

Here's the video for your enjoyment!

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