Friday, April 17, 2015

My Top 100 Favourite Music Videos: #57

#57: "Girls and Boys" - Good Charlotte
Release Date: 2003
Director: Smith N' Borin
Fun Fact: There was an extended version of the video (which seems to be hard to find online nowadays) which had a skit where Good Charlotte take the piss out of Avril Lavigne's song "Complicated"!
This is just a great video because there's nothing better than seeing older people acting like they were teenagers again. It's a concept that's been done many times but I actually can't remember many music videos doing the idea. Good Charlotte did and they did it really well, not only because these are older people doing youthful things, but because the band are all tattooed punk goths that wear make up and band t-shirts. I do live the part of the video when they take the piss out of the boyband dancing, when Joel has a team of older female dancers like in the pop videos of old. It's just a great video, probably a little underrated due to Good Charlotte kinda losing their reputation as a decent little pop punk band at one time.

Here's the video for your enjoyment!

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